Learn/send custom IR or RF signals?

Different timings in signal, different Length in code, just no Garage door manufacturer will implement a code that can be copied that easy in a door-opener.

Often these use another frequency (868Mhz) and other modulation (FSK, not ASK that is used most for many cheap 433 MHz switches)

About copying RF signals are many topics, that some other brands use the same as KAKU or use same as Brell (or Somfy RTS) is just Luck, many others will not work that way.

Please don’t assume it will work for other RF signals.

Rolling code protects against intruders by generating a new security code every time the remote control is used on your garage door opener . When the remote control activates the garage door opener, a unique algorithm “rolls” the remote control’s code to one of more than 100 billion possible codes.

For that last part good to read: How Rolling Code Works

But as said before there are many other factors that Existing RF App’s for Homey and another RF brand Device or “Any Garage Door opener” just doesn’t “probably work on …”

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Hi Undertaker,

I’m new to Homey and am looking into buying the SwitchBot Hub or Hub 2 for learning/sending IR from/to devices that aren’t supported by my Homey Pro 2019. But I can’t find out how Homey then should communicate with the Hub (2). I found the official SwitchBot app for Homey, but the only commands I see for hubs are on/off and battery level. So how does Homey tell the SwitchBot hub to send an IR signal to one of my IR devices?
Strangely SwitchBot themselves stating that both their hubs aren’t compatible with Homey.

Please advise!

I don’t know if the new Hub 2 works. The Mini works in any case.
The remote controls or scenes are learned on the hub. The Switchbot app then transfers the devices to Homey, where they can be used.

Hi Uwe,

Thanks for your quick response!
It seems that you have a SwitchBot app that I don’t see when I search for it.
The only one I find is:

Where did you find yours?

Rene de Vries

Dit is de link:

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The hub 2 is supported.
As others have said, you don’t control the hub as such, but you add the remote devices to the hub using the Switchbot mobile app, then they will show up as devices that can be added to Homey.

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Hello! Is there any alternative to Broadlink Rm4(433mhz learning)with support to the latest Homey Pro Early 2023? I see that the app is not available for Homey Pro 2023.

Do you guys know if Switchbot have support for 433mhz learning?

Switchbot unfortunately does not support 433 MHz.

You can give this a go:

Omg this worked perfectly! No need for extra hub/hardware. Works with my awning from Hornbach and Huglo blinds from Jysk!

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I have Broadlink RM4 Pro Wifi IR 433, but Broadlink app is not compatible with HP23. How can I learn my HP23 commands from kitchen hood remote? Brel app did not recognize pressing the buttons and HP23 433MHz device database did not have my device on the list. Any suggestions?

Afaik it only has a IR device database.
So, I think you’d find out if your hood remote control is IR or 433MHz based.

When it’s IR based, maybe this is an idea