LaMetric: activate/deactivate a specific alarm

Hello, does anybody know if there is a workaround that lets me activate or deactivate a specific alarm on LaMetric?
I’d like to deactivate (via google assistant) one that repeats every day for just one day (so it should be reactivated the following day using another flow).

If you use the lametric app you can set an alarm on and off. You can use these flows by activate or deactivate these flows. If you use ifttt you can use google home to activate or deactivate these flows. Something like he google activate alarm, and in homey IF IFTTT activate alarm THEN enable flow alarm on, and ofcourse the same for alarm off

Thanks for your reply. However my problem is that “Set alarm clock” sets a new alarm instead of the recurring one I’d like to activate and “Disable alarm clock” disables all the alarms instead of a specific one… :slightly_frowning_face:

Can’t you make a recurring notification(with sound). Something like AS time is 08:00 AND today is a thuesday AND logic is Yes THEN start notification with sound, set logic YES, ELSE set logic YES. And IFTTT something like when you say STOP Lametric then start flow Lametric. Flow Lametric AS this flow is started THEN set logic to NO

Uhm that’s an interesting solution!