Flow when alarm clock is disabled

I want to create a flow if a specific alarm is disabled to send a http get request.
I can’t find a card if alarm is disabled.
Has someone an other solution to create such a flow.
Thanks in advance

Heimdall app
If alarm is disabled card

You mean an alarm clock?
Indeed there’re no flow cards available for “If alarm clock ‘Weekdays’ is disabled”.
Maybe it’s possible with HomeyScript.
I made a flow and searched for it @ api playground.
Homey.manager.alarms seem to be the “device”.
specific_alarm_is_disabled is what you need, but idk how to script that yet.
The specific alarm clock id in my case is starting with c4f9d890-

Yep. I’m using the Homey alarm clock function.

Would be great if someone can create a script which will switch a boolean variable. From there I can create my flow.

I sent a feature request to Athom to add these cards.
I hope this option will be added.