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Kodi Issue

Hi @EvertoN,

I have some problems. I’m with the latest kodi 18 beta and i have triggers with the resume, play and stop triggers they don’t fired my lamps. When i press the Test button all is fine. With Kodi 17all works.Can you please look into this. Thanks

I posted an issue on the app’s Github page.


Can you please look into this problem.

@robertklep, thanks.

I’ll install the Kodi 18 beta myself somewhere in the coming days and see if I can work out what the issue is.


Hi, first sorry for my bad english. The problem is, i have a trigger when a movie play turn the lights off or when paused turn the lights on or when the movie resumed turn the lights off, all this triggers dont work. The only trigger works when a movie stopped turn the lights on, here is everything fine. Wait for your answer. Thanks. Maybe @Marvin_Schenkel can also look into this problems.

Can you post the exact text in the flow card of the ones that don’t work, and the one that works (or screenshots)?

As far as I know, there is no specific “a movie resumed” card, only a generic “kodi resumed playback” card. I need to know which specific ones work and which don’t.


Ok here it is ! only the trigger when a movie stopped turn the lights on is working. I have with kodi 17 all this triggers no problem. I think kodi 18 has something changed.



Another trigger dont work


Hi, did you test it?

Yes I did, and indeed it doesn’t seem to work. However, it’s not my app and fixing the problem to would mean I have to dig deep into someone else’s app, for which I don’t have the time.

@Marvin_Schenkel, Hi

Can you please look into this and fix this issue.

This issue has been fixed in v2.2.1. I already submitted it to the app store. If you cannot wait for the update, head over to github and manually install this version.



Hi, great news. Big thanks for your awesome work.

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