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Kodi support for Homey

This is the official thread to discuss the features and functionality of the Kodi app for Homey.
To install this app on your Homey, go to the app store and download the app. Navigate to your Homey and go to Devices > Add devices and add a new Kodi device to your Homey by following the instructions there.

Please check the FAQ in this post if you have any issues connecting to your Kodi instance before posting in this thread. Information about the currently supported features can be found in the description in the app store.

Release information



  • Added a new flow action ‘Play favourite’ to play favourite items (e.g. favourite channels of an addon). This action can also be used to play playlist that have been flagged as favourite.


  • Added German support. Big thanks to Michael (@MacSchimmi) for translating the app!


  • Fixed a bug where the app would crash on flow actions when the device was offline


  • Added support for Homey v2
  • Added integration with the mobile app for v2
  • Fixed a bug where the app would crash on flow actions after kodi had lost connection to Homey


  • Added support for Kodi v18


  • Complete rewrite to SDK2

  • Improved stability

  • Added flow action ‘Start addon’

  • Add flow condition ‘Kodi is playing movie/episode/music/anything’

  • New automatic pairing process using zeroconf. This should make it easier for everyone to add Kodi devices :). Make sure this is enabled in Settings / Services / General

  • Removed speech since there are a lot of collisions with internal Homey commands. Waiting for Athom to improve the speech interface.

  • Added trigger ‘On screensaver activated’

  • Added trigger ‘On screensaver deactivated’

  • Added trigger ‘On video library scan finished’

  • Added trigger ‘On audio library scan finished’

  • Added action ‘Send a notification to Kodi’

  • Added action ‘Scan video library’

  • Added action ‘Scan audio library’


  • Fixed triggers issues with ‘movie starts’ and ‘tv show starts’


  • Added support for multiple devices


  • Fixed a bug where the app wouldn’t reconnect after connection loss
  • Talkback is now done via the used media (e.g. mobile, facebook messenger or Homey itself) instead of always Homey. For example, you can now ask Homey via facebook messenger if there are new movies in your library (‘any new movies?’)
  • Added flow action ‘Subtitle on’
  • Added flow action ‘Subtitle off’
  • Added flow action ‘Set party mode on’
  • Added flow action ‘Set volume’
  • Added flow trigger ‘When a song starts playing’
  • Added flow trigger ‘When Homey reconnects to Kodi’


  • Added flow action ‘Mute Kodi’

  • Added flow action ‘Unmute Kodi’

  • The generic stop event now also gets triggered along with ‘move stopped’ and ‘episode stopped’ when a movie or episode ends


  • Added flow trigger ‘if anything starts playing’
  • Added flow action ‘play music by artist xx’
  • Homey now responds to question “Any new movies?” (Zijn er nieuwe films?)
  • Homey now responds to question “Any new episodes?”) (Zijn er nieuwe afleveringen?)

The number of days to consider a movie/episode as new can be configured through the app settings. Default value is 7, which means that every movie / episode that has been added in the past 7 days will be mentioned when you ask Homey about new movies / episodes.


  • Fixes for firmware 0.9.1


  • Added OnMovieStop trigger

  • Added OnEpisodeStop trigger

  • Added auto reconnect on init (after homey boots)


  • Fixed a bug where flows wouldn’t trigger on FW 0.8.39
  • Added log viewer to the settings page


  • Added add-on support (start add-ons through “start addon xxxxx”)
  • Fixed flow triggers for movie started by addons (e.g. exodus). Note that episodes cannot be distinguished when played by Exodus. Exodus thinks it’s a movie.
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘play latest episode’ action card didn’t work


  • Renamed app to ‘Kodi’

  • Added trigger-card/action-card/speech for Shutdown/Hibernate/Reboot:

  • Added commands: “Shutdown Kodi”, “Reboot Kodi”, “Hibernate Kodi”

  • Added trigger-card for WakeUp (experimental)

  • Added action-card for ‘Play latest episode’

  • Fixed a bug where app would crash on connection loss

  • Fixed a bug where ‘play latest episode’ didn’t work in Dutch

  • Added a couple of fallbacks for speech ‘play latest episode’ (Homey asks for the name of the series if it can’t find the one you’re looking for) and ‘watch a movie’. Try “I wanna watch a movie”.


  • Added auto-reconnect functionality when Kodi has been disconnected from the network (reboot / sleep).


  • Version bump for reupload to the appstore


  • Changed way of connecting to support triggering on Kodi events. Homey flows are now triggered when you pause Kodi through your remote or any other remote app. You have to re-add your device (sorry guys)

  • Added Dutch support

  • Fixed a bug where triggers did not get fired on firmware 0.8.27+


  • Fixed a bug where HomeyKodi would crash if there weren’t any movies / music / tv shows in your library and you requested playback

  • Fixed a bug where HomeyKodi would crash if you told Kodi to ‘stop’, ‘next track’ or ‘previous track’ when there wasn’t anything playing


  • Initial release

Future features (will be added in a later version). Italic features are low priority / hard to implement

  • A tag to the ‘stop’ trigger that contains the title of the item that was stopped
  • Translate inverted conditions


Q: I am getting the following error when I am trying to add a Kodi device: Error: unexpected server response (200)
A: Make sure you have configured your HTTP port differently than your TCP port. Homey uses TCP (default port 9090) to connect to Kodi. Homey can’t connect if you configure the HTTP port to be the same as the TCP port. This might be a bit confusing because only the HTTP port is configurable through the user interface. I’d recommend leaving the HTTP port to the default value of 8080. Then, when trying to connect from Homey, use 9090 as a port number.


Consider buying me a beer if you like this app :slight_smile:

Huge thanks to the people who have already donated:

  • Phuturist
  • Aaron
  • Menno
  • MartijnDeRhoter
  • olive
  • nickvandergraaf
  • VictorDenBoer
  • ReneBruins

NOTE: Please keep this thread clean and on-topic. This thread is meant for support and ideas for the Kodi app. Also, please don’t ask for any ETA’s. I will update this thread whenever there’s progress to report!



The bug that crashes your Kodi has been fixed in 2.2.2. This version is currently awaiting approval by Athom before it hits the app store.

As for the automatic add function. Are you sure that you have followed the installation steps and enabled zero-conf on Kodi? Anyway, your manual device should work after the update :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue with the app crashing when it tries to… well, do something. :wink: But then I’ll just sit tight until the new version is approved, or degrade myself to start using the remote again. Love the app btw!

Oh well, I like to introduce bugs every now and then to see if the app is still being used :wink: .

I will submit the app as soon as it has been approved. People who know how to manually install an app from source code can grab the latest version from github: https://github.com/MarvinSchenkel/HomeyKodi

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Version 2.2.2 now live in the app store


Hi, first sorry for my english.
Little problem, i have a addon on kodi tv melodies, this plays a soundtrack from the movie folder when you search in your kodi library and here comes the problem. I have two triggers, the first one is when kodi plays a movie the lights go off and the second one is when a movie (press stop / on movie ends) a movie the lights go on. The problem is when i go in my library and go from movie to another the lights go on/off. Can you please help me. I wrote the same for few times in the old forum and you said to me send the log, i send this to you for few times. Only to the understanding in each film folder is a file theme.mp3 and that plays the music, or if it does not make any circumstances, it would be possible to download this addon and test this time or do you have a tip for me as I can do it!


Hi Marvin, i have the same problems when i look in Kodi in my own pictures, the lights go on/off. My first trigger is when kodi plays a movie then lights off. The second trigger is when movie stopped lights on. Please look into this. Thanks

I’m not sure if this is fixable. Reason is that I think the addon actually “plays a movie” on kodi to get the theme music to play. So homey receives an event from kodi that something started playing and acts accordingly. I purely based this app on events received from kodi (e.g. Movie starts playing) so if you happen to install an addon that makes kodi fire those events, then there’s not much I can do.

I can’t find a log you’ve sent. Please send me a log after kodi has switched off the lights when you didn’t want it to and make sure to include the log id. Then I’ll look into it and see if my assumption above actually is true


Hi, ok i understand but i disabled for test now the theme addon and same problem and i have the same problem the lights on/off when i look in my own pictures in kodi. I send today or tomorrow the log. Marvin make please 2 triggers one if them when movie start then lights go off and the other trigger when movie stop (press stop) then lights go on. Thanks


Ok I could solve the problem by using a Logic card and if the title is not exact Theme. Thank you again for your effort

Awesome, glad it’s resolved!


Hi, it is possible to add a tag (title) in the, when kodi is stopped. Thanks


Hi, did you read my post?

First of all, please respect that I develop this app in my very limited free time, so I can’t always answer your questions straight away.

To answer your question. Yes, this should be possible. Note that since ‘stop’ is fired for movies, episodes and music you will only have 1 tag named ‘title’:

  • For movie it will contain the title
  • For episodes it will contain ‘{showtitle} S{seasonnumber} E{episodenumber} - {episodetitle}’
  • For music it will be ‘{artist} - {song title}’

Will this be sufficient?


I fully respect theirs and apologize when I have urged them. it would be enough for me as they wrote it. Excuse me once more.

Hi guys!
I updated to V2.0 last week, well aware of the consequences of doing that. @Marvin_Schenkel, do you have any plans for making this terrific app compatible with the new APIs? I have no intention on rushing you, it is just a honest question! :slight_smile:

After all, I really love this app!

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Definitely, as a matter of fact, I’m already quite far :slight_smile:. The integration with the mobile app is really fancy, allowing you to play/pause etc through the app… It’s also showing the movie art of the currently playing movie which is really cool. If you cannot wait you can go ahead and manually install the app from the beta branch on github: https://github.com/MarvinSchenkel/HomeyKodi/tree/beta

I have been quite busy lately so I hope to find some time soon to wrap this one up !


You are a freaking hero Marvin! I will do that right away and have a go this evening, and also let you know if I find something strange.

On another note, I do understand that you do this on your sparetime and that, yeah, your time is not unlimited. I recently tried Homeyda.sh. Sometime in the future, I could really see a joint venture between you and the guy that created Homeyda.sh. I am thinking about state of play and other information about the media currently played on a Kodi device, and present it on the dashboard.

I need to admit, I have no clue regarding the amount of work connected to this though. :slight_smile:

Thanks mate :). Let me know how you go. I still need to fix some artwork links, so it might not show up in the app all the time, but besides that it should be pretty stable. Let me know your findings.

I’ll talk to swtt about integrating kodi with homeyda.sh. Sounds cool, but on the other hand, you should be watching the screen when you’re watching a movie, not homeyda.sh :stuck_out_tongue:. It should be doable, so probably something I will pick up in the (not so near :P) future.

Yes, I will have a test session today. I just had a quick run yesterday and it seems that the smartphone app collects the information correctly. It states that Kodi is playing a certain movie (didn’t get the cover arts as you mentioned but it is no kind of showstopper). I will continue today.

Regarding the dashboard, yes, you are absolutely correct. One should see the movie on the TV screen, not on the dashboard! :slight_smile:
However, I have two kids that loves their movies, which they often watch on their own devices. It would be a nice feature to present on the dashboard. For instance, this device are playing this movie with this progress. I know that this information should be available via the Kodi Web Interface, maybe it is a small task to retrieve that information easily.

Maybe @Bas who is the father of Homeydash is interested in helping out? Anyway, I have full understanding and respect that this is a bit time consuming to develop, please see this as a tip or suggestion and not as a feature demand/requirement. I am happy with Kodi app as it is of course