A few questions before buying

So, I purchased a Homey this morning because I had seen good reviews and good videos on Youtube. I then discovered some thenigs that made me get a refund. So before actually taking the plunge I thought I would get some clarity. Here are my questions.

  1. Have they really removed the desktop client app in V2? This was one of the major attractions to me and if this is true it seems like such a bad downgrade.

  2. How do I get a definitive list of supported devices? The ‘Talks with homey’ page is just awful. For example are the following supported
    Arcam AVR 550 (surround sound receiver with IP, IR and HDMI-CEC control)
    Oppo UDP-203 UHD BD Player
    Apple TV

If these devices are not supported than I will be very surprised (and disappointed) but I can find no answers.
3) Where is the IR emmitted from?

Any help for a possible purchaser would be greatly appreciated.


If this is gonna be just another whining topic am gonna close it without further notice.

I n otice that no AVR receivers or Bluray players are in the talks with homey page at all - what does that mean?

@Rocodamelshekima WOW. I asked some serious questions before possibly buying a homey and you respond to my post with a rude answer - that is not a good start.


@Rocodamelshekima, I’m sorry but I find your remark a kind of rude. @Conrad_Winchester is just asking a good question. I’ll try and answer them (without wining)

  1. Yes, they did, there is a lot of fuzz about it on this forum.

  2. Take a look on apps.athom.com to find put is these devices are (community)supported. IR in general is not great (my oppinion)

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Thank you.
In your experience if a device is not supported what happens about it?
I want to talk constructively about this but am now nervous that anything that looks like dissent might get me banned.
BTW the Arcam AVR550 has full IP control.

I am a very experienced developer - If I bought a homey how easy would it be to add IR or IP codes in an ‘app’

Would I need to be a registered developer to deploy the app to my own homey?

How easy is it to distribute the app after making sure it works.

The following is a serious question, not a whine: They claim support for 50,000 devices

"With over 50,000 devices supported, your current devices will most likely already work with Homey. "

but so far I have listed 4 devices easily that do not seem to have support. This seems unusual.

Again this is not a whine but - how do I find out what AV Receivers ARE supported?

The moderators on this forum don’t like critisism on there homey and they are closing every topic with so called whining.


This was not an answer to ur questions, it was a statement.

Nothing rude about the statement me guess.

Wrong assumption. The moderators are trying to keep the forums clean and readable for anyone. If there is gonna be a whining topic posted several times a day (i didn’t say this post IS a whining topic btw) then we have to close them yes. There is even special topics opened for this.
Again have to mention that we moderators are not in any way connected to Athom. We are just vollunteers doing this in our spare time besides our normal jobs.
If u have problems with the statement i made plz feel free to contact me or another moderator via PM.
All posts below this which are not about the questions made by de TS are gonna be removed. If this turns out ( not saying it is alr, just saying) to be another whining topic, am gonna close it.
Again: if u have any problems with that plz feel free to contact a moderator.

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There is some documentation available on developer.athom.com and most developers are active this forum.

Not sure on this one.

Pretty easy I think, once you release a version you upload it to apps.athom.com. There is a auto update method in homey.

This one is a little bit tricky, 50.000 is a very big number! I personally think the mean that in theory it could be able to support this number of device (all z-wave, Zigbee,433,868, IP enabled devices together). Something they’re not mentioning is that each device needs some sort of app and supporting developer(s). Athom is a developer as well and support some Devices with their apps (Ikea, Fibaro, etc) but not nearly the advertised 50.000. Athom heavily needs the free apps by community developers to add devices to their “support” list.

Only 4 devices, I have more devices that are not supported, but I lack the developing skills as well. You are free to create and share your own app.

I do hope you still consider to buy Homey, and create some awesome apps for it.

To the point of Conrad’s question.
In general I think homey is a safe bet for what you are trying to do. It’s far away from being fully stable or polished like Fibaro (some will disagree:), But it has definitely great potential being open to developers. Community is the real strength of homey system.

I am coming from Domoticz and I’m quite happy with the level of integration and ease (!) Homey allows you to integrate different wireless technologies.

Missed this question, let’s answer it:

The transmitting IR leds are placed between the “RING” leds. In my experience Homey’s IR capabilities are not great. I have Harmony Hub for my IR related tasks.

You can have Homey ‘learn’ IR codes or if you are a developer then you have alot of control over what you do with Homey. Not only can you create your own SDK app (for you particular device), you could create something using the webAPI, or finally you could use the App HomeyScript to script what you want to do. Finally apps can either be put on the App store, or loaded directly on to your homey from CLI athom app run - Apps are written in NodeJS. You do not need ot be a registered developer to deploy your app.

Hope that helps.

It is not the first time people say to @Rocodamelshekima that he is rude. I have complained to Athom about the way this place is moderated. Paid or not paid. You can talk nicely to people


I don’t think there are any officially supported AVR apps (either by Athom or the manufacturer), but there are a few created by the community. For example, I have an app to control Marantz (and Denon) AVRs. It’s not the cleanest code, but you can use it as a start. And/or check out the apps for other brands. Check the ‘Appliances’ category on apps.athom.com

Hes doing his best to keep te useless topics of amateurs that nag to a acceptabel limit for the normal users that can cope with changes :see_no_evil:
There are Some users creating fake/new accounts to spread negativity or just reply with negative comments. So he placed a warning on this topic for the once that would only feed you with the dont buy or its shit.

Since the number of naging topics have gone up with the same responses of the same people with the same old negativity to take down V2 its logical there Will be warnings. The new box of homey does say iOS and Android not Windows MacOS or browser.

@Conrad_Winchester. I dont get the i bought a homey in the beginning and a. possible purchaser in the end of you’re start message :thinking: funny contradiction

But if you’re a developer it should be doable for you to look at developers.arhom.com and make a app that sends out the ir codes for you’re device .

You can also use the Logitech harmony for another easy way to control or devices .