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Kodi broken after update

Hi Everyone,

Homey is awesome and really makes me feel like I am a boss. I especially love how the lights turn of when I start watching a movie or TV Show… However since the update for the Kodi app yesterday or the day before, not so much anymore. I have no clue what went wrong. Two things happened. One, there was an update. Two: I recently changed http to https in my Asus RT AC87U. I had to reinstall Kodi since it crashed and a notification was sent to the developer. There was no problem reinstalling the Kodi app, but adding the “device” to a room, gives the error message: invalid_capabilty… I’ve searched the forum, googled an youtubed to no avail. I tried if my router settings were the problem by reverting back to http instead of https, but that didn’t change anything. So here I am asking for your help…


Your best bet is to write in the Kodi app thread.

Thanks Jamie, I posted my message there as well.