[APP][Pro] Kodi (for Homey Pro 2023)

This is the official thread to discuss the features and functionality of the Kodi app for Homey Pro (2023).

Currently, the app is in development and a 0.9 (first) version is planned to be released around the 11ste of February 2024.

For further history and discussions about this app see: https://community.homey.app/t/app-pro-kodi-2-6-0/1380


I am so looking forward to this app, Thank you Mark

Flowcards below are implemented in the first release.

@MarkS;, AWESOME :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Yes!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: can’t wait! Good work!

Hi all,

Hereby an update regarding the first release of the Kodi app.
I’m now busy to finish the app, e.g. things like language, and improvement error handling.

There are two bugs I need to deal with.

  • When music is playing the Flowcard: " when a picture is shown" does not work. The solution for now is to remove that flow card and look for a correct implementation in one of the next releases.
  • The other bug is more of a pain in the ass. When Kodi goes into hibernation, Homey loses connection with the app/Kodi. Flow cards are not working any more, etc. Try to fix this bug asap.



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Release update
Looks like I managed to solve the bug.

Everything that’s left to do, is to add some additional info that’s mandatory for pushing the app to the store, like the README file for example.

I hope I can finish this tomorrow and offer the app for “Certification”.




So we wait.


Hi Mark,

do is the project availble in any git repo?


No, it isn’t.

Maybe later, adding the app to Git is something I need to find out how this works.
My focus was to create the app first and add it to the store, so I could use it on my own and of course, share it with the community.



For the early adapters:

Get the app here: https://homey.app/a/nl.kodi.dev.marks/test/

!!Link stopped working after I asked for a new review of the app. Let you know when it’s back online again.

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Thanks. Installed the test version. And thanks :pray: again.

Thx, please let me know if you discovered any issue’s.
You can post them here if you like.

Sorry to tell but can’t get it to work.
Must been doing something wrong.
It shows up as an device but after that just nothing. As in completely dead. So think there is somewhere setting in my kodi or in your app. We will get there.

Can you be a bit more specific?

As far as I understand, you can add Kodi as a device to Homey.
And then, what did you try?

I just tried to remove the device and add it again, because it’s been added to my Homey for some weeks now, so maybe the adding progress got some errors, but it’s just working fine.

What type of content did you try to play?

Can you check these settings on your Kodi?

  • (Kodi) Make sure you have enabled ‘Announce services to other programs’ in Settings / Services / General

  • (Kodi) Make sure you have enabled ‘Allow remote control via HTTP’ in Settings / Services / Control

  • (Kodi) Make sure you have enabled ‘Allow remote control from applications on this system’ in Settings / Services / Control

  • (Kodi) Please reboot Kodi at least once after changing the above settings

  • (Homey) Navigate to devices. Click ‘Add device’, select Kodi and your Kodi device(s) should be detected automatically.



Yup as I expected.
Not a correct setting in the kodi app.
After a reboot it functioned well.
So starting the testing as soon as possible.

Nice, thx for the update.


Hi Wilfried,

Thanks for your logging, I can do something with that.

Could you maybe give me a little more information about how you play content? I noticed that it can find active players. (do you have the content locally, for example?)

Unfortunately I won’t be home this week, not until next Monday. I will then look at the problems and push a new version.



I quickly released a new patch 0.9.10, this is now available for review at Athom, keep an eye on it when it is available.

I don’t know if this has solved the problem, because for me the app can find an active player.
Only based on an active player can I retrieve the content (what type of media is being played, etc.)

I have added extra logging, which should give me information about what exactly your data returns when I retrieve the active players when content is played.

If you would like to try again and send me another Diagnostic Report I might be able to see what the problem is.

Thank you in advance.

p.s. I’ll be away from tomorrow evening until Monday, so maybe I can find some time during the day tomorrow between work.