Kodi scene for movie

I often turn off a lamp when I put stop during a movie.
my flow with when “A movie has been started” works wonderfully. But my flow with When “A movie has stopped” doesn’t work at all. Any idea please? i have the latest version of the kodi app and a Nvidia shied tv with kodi.

From the app description: “On movie stop (when a movie ends, including credits)”
Do you watch the end credits or do you press stop when the end credit start?

Thanks. I press stop button after the end of movie . I check this tonight and I back to answer you after test the end of movie with credit+stop.

According to the app discription there should be a trigger when pressing stop “On stop (when you press stop)”

I have this on my image.

no more.

Finaly its works when the movie ends on its own. but not when I stop it myself. otherwise I have to use when “kodi has been stop”. but its not suitable for me because the lights come on when I stop a series.

Does anyone have a solution so that when I stop only a movie and not a series via kodi, the lights come on?

Did you try: Kodi has been stopped or Kodi has been paused?

I try : Kodi has been stopped. Why this question?

Hi, never problems with this 2 flows 1. when a movie is stopped then turn the lights on and 2. kodi has been stopped turn the lights on.

Why is it a issue that the lights come on when you stop a series. Because you want to watch the next one?
Ik havent used kodi in some time now, but cant this be solved by not pressing stop but pressing next?

What you also could do is create a variabele that knows if you are playing a series or movie.
(If a series has started set variabele to x… if movie has started set variabele to Y) and than use that variabele as a check in your flow

You can also use that in combination with a timer. So when you watch a movie and press stop a timer runs (giving you time to select the next episode) when another episode starts you cancel the timer but when it runs out you turn lights on and reset the variabel mentioned above