Create a Scene via app Sun positions (Zonnestanden)


Maybe i’m thinking and something on the wrong way.
I wan’t create a flow, So when the sun goes down for example “Moonset” that my light in the hall dim up for 25% and after 20 sec. The light goes off. But what I’m trying the light is not going on. Is there somebody can tell me what kind of steps have to folowing to make it works probably?
Thanks in advance.

When you want the light to go on with event ‘Moonset’, this should work

I always add log cards, or timeline notifications to my flows.
Then you can easily find out if the trigger triggered or not, and/or if your light should have turned on.

Some lights don’t turn on by only setting it’s dim value, first turn it on:

What I don’t get is using the moon set as trigger for anything, it’s all over the place:

Er is ook een Nederlandstalig deel op het forum, geheel ter info

Hello Peter,

Maybe I am making a thinking/programming error here. I’ll try your suggestion. I will come back to this. Thanks for now.

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Hello Peter,
It was finally fixed. I made a mistake in thinking how to made a correct flow. Something with, read exactly what is standing there😊

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