Sun events (zonnestanden) app “einde nacht” not working

@MarcelT (I think you are the creator of this app)
Just found out the “einde nacht” (end of night) option in sun events does not trigger anymore.
(Used it as a backup in case another flow did not ru , so did not notice before…)

Looking in the config I notice the dates are also different, related?

I could not find a link to the github of this app. Anyone know how I can find that?
So I can post the issue?


This is because there is no “einde nacht” in de summer. This position of the sun is not available there for this timestamp so that you can check. In some eareas there even no sunset as it is always bright in the summer.

Ahh right, did not realize that.
Created my flows in winter, seemed like a great sun event at that time…
Thanks for the explanation