Sun event not working

My Sun Event app seems like is not reading my timezone/ location correctly.
I have set trigger event if between sunset and tomorrow’s sunrise, it won’t trigger. But if I invert, it works.
The only related topic I found are suggesting location is recognized, I tried both automatic and manual location setting in the iOS app, didn’t make any difference.

Make it an OR instead of an AND, those 2 cards only look for the same day, and it is never before sunrise AND after sunset on the same day

Maybe I didn’t make myself clear, here is a screenshot.

If you test the flow, what does the AND card say when you click the error icon.

When I test it like shown in screenshot, I get a red exclamation mark. But if I invert then test, I get green tick.

That makes sense, as it is not between sunset and senset now :wink:, try it again this evening when it really is between sunset and sunrise.
But if it keeps being that way even in the evening, you have to contact the developer of the app, he’s probably not active on the forum

I’m in Australia, which is night now:( I highly suspect it’s the timezone/ location that’s messing this up.

Do you have the same problem with the Inbuilt athom sunset cards?

I never really tried the inbuilt option, I’ll give it a go.

I have a similar problem! When using two independent cards (after Sunset OR before Sunrise) it works. When using only one card I have the option to use more conditions in 1 flow, so it would really help if this worked… Any ideas on this so far?

The conditions in one card must be on the same day, otherwise it doesn’t work.