KlikAanKlikUit Mini Inbouw Zender AWMT-003 vervangen voor?

Hi Guy’s,
What would be a good replacement for a
KlikAanKlikUit Mini Inbouw Zender AWMT-003.
This one is on the edge of reach and is been missed sometimes.

I have both zigbee and zwave in house and need to connect 2 swiches. 1065949_1


Aqara inbouw chhakelaar dubbel. Werkt prima

The AWMT-003 is a different type of device, though: it doesn’t switch itself, it’s a transmitter that can accept two switch buttons. It’s also battery-operated.

The Aqara device is a 230V switch with two (fixed) buttons.

There is also a wireless version of the Aqara switch. It’s a two way zigbee transmitter working on a battery. You can also work with scenes, so you can operate several divices with the same wall switch. Have several and they working just fine.

Yes, I have one two and they are great! But not really a replacement for the device of OP.

@robertklep when i want to replace my manual not so smart light switch with the aqara do you have to wire the switch and is it possible to manual operate your lights? And with scènes? At this moment sometimes the old switches are used, but that way the electricity is cut off, which means that the lights won’t go on when the motion sensor notices motion.

You have to ask @Shideban :slight_smile: I only have a completely wireless Aqara switch (which is basically a standalone device, not one that you can build into a pattress box/“inbouwdoos”) .

When you use a wired Aqara switch, this works with normal lamps (LED, fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, incandescent lamp). You can operate the switch like any other switch to switch on the light. With the wired switch you have two versions. Only for use with “live wire” (red thread), but there is also a version for use with the neitrale thread (blue thread). By creating flows in Homey, it is therefore possible to create a motion sensor or something. otherwise connect to the switch. What is not possible are scenes. This is only possible with a wireless switch. When using a wireless switch you must use smart lights (Philips Hue or Ikea Tradfri or a click-to-click from receiver).

Hi Guy’s,
I want to keep the original switches and need aan transmitter for in the wallbox on battery.

Yes, i will swich 6 tradfi lights and a tradfri wall shich for the fan.
Maby i can get to wires to the inboudoos with 230v or 24v.
What possible options i have in this case?

If you want to switch Tradfri lights you don’t necessarily need a controllable switch to switch on/off those lights because those individual lightbulbs can also be controlled by Homey (but they need to be “on power” to be controllable).
If you do want an extra controllable switch you can go for several options especially if you can get the blue (0) wire in the wallbox. You can go for Fibaro or Qubino for z-wave but there are most likely several other Zigbee or wifi solutions that can fill in this need. Since you’re now on the edge of your kaku reach, you might want to look for something that’s mesh (zwave or zigbee).

Yes, that’s ecxacly what i want.
the lamps are aready always on power.
And i want to keep the normal busg and jaeger wall switches with some smart transmitter behind.

I have the exact same situation in my living room; busch jaeger switches and tradfri lights in the ceiling. Behind the BJ wall switches I have installed Qubino Flush 1 or flush 2 relay ZMN-HAD1 or ZMN-HBD1 for 1 or 2 switches in the wall.
While the Qubino can (and will) switch off the power to the tradfri lights, the qubino can always be switched on with a flow or through device tab with Homey and also the switch on the wall can be used to turn on/off the lights.
What I also did was exchange the switches with pulse switches otherwise you can’t ever know when the switch is in the ON position