Battery powered wall switch

Hi all,

At this moment I have several KlikAanKlikUit AWMT-003 modules behind my ons wall switches.
I’m looking for something similar but not on the 433Mhz. Like Z-wave or Zigbee.

I know Fibaro has the binary sensor, but it need a power supply instead of a battery.

Does anyone have a solution for me? :blush:



Xiaomi Aqara wall switches could be what you’re searching for…

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I use Aeotec Wallmote, it is battery powered but you can charge via Micro USB. And you don’t need to charge often, every couple of months.

Not cheap, but works awesome with Homey!

The current KaKu sensor AWMT-003 is already battery powered.
I want to use my own wall switches, and have no power cabling to my switches.
So I need to use something battery powered.

I thought, if KaKu can do this over the 433Mhz, maybe some other brands have a similar sensor but then on a more reliable protocol then 433Mhz.



Yesterday I spoke to Rob from Robbshop, and he noticed that I might use a door alarm contact with external inputs.
I played with an BENEXT door contact.
Re-write the app for the Homey so I can trigger an light instead of a door alarm, and it seems to be working.
If anyone is interested in the code and the hardware solution, please send me a message.

Nice option @Pjotr_van_Mourik

Disadvantage of using a door sensor is that it always require a modified app / driver and that you only have a single trigger.

An alternative option is connecting the NEW version of the Aqara Wireless Mini Switch (2018) (WXKG11LM, productID remote.b1acn01) as explained in this topic.

Advantage of this option is that you can simply use the existing app and have the 1x, 2x click, key held, key released options (for this specific version, the older version has the 1x - 4x click options).

Yep, this is exactly what I use in whole my house now. It even has pre-marked screw holes that you can drill in the base plate to actually mount it on top of a Dutch/EU standard in-walljunction/switch box. Screws included!

^ Just one of the places you can find them.

The only problem is the fact that Homey’s zigbee still isn’t all that stable, sadly. If they’d fix that, then I would be one happy camper.

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