KlikAanKlikUit AGC-3500

When will the KlikAanKlikUit device AGC-3500 supported by the app KlikAanKlikUit?



It may work already with a driver for another device (like the AGDR-3500).

Thanks, made a request.

Has someone connect the AGC-3500 to homey?
If it’s possible, please tell us how?

Yes, connect them as AGDR-3500. Works for me…

Hi Martin, how did you connect it with that driver? Is it possible without the remote? Not sure if I need To but the whole starterskit or only the plug.

Thanks in advance!


After putting the AGC-3500 in a walloutlet the connection-mode is active for 6 seconds.


3 years later, but still does the trick :slight_smile: