Klikaanklikuit ACM-2000 not supported


Kinda new to Homey. Apparantly the Klikaanklikuit ACM-2000 receiver is not supported, which of course I bought without verifying.

Is there any way to still add the device to Homey?


Pair it with one of the other on/off switches as base. Almost all ON/Off switches are using the same codes.

Thx Dijker, already tried it but doesn’t recognize it.

What is the version of your KAKU app and what type switch did you try?

Maybe I’m not understanding you correctly.
I only have the ACM-2000, trying to connect to Homey.

Kaku app on Homey is v6.

Version 6.0.0?
Add your switch in Homey as for example an AC-1000

Edit: I even see the ACM-1000 in the App,


De inbouwschakelaar ACM-2000 is de verbeterde en compactere opvolger van de veelgebruikte ACM-1000 en heeft een maximaal vermogen van 2000 Watt.

6.0.0 yes.

I selected the AC-1000 in the Homey app and tried to pair it, but it just times out.

Yeah I know, tried the ACM-1000 also to no avail.

Maybe it works with the test app?
At the klikaanklikuit app page, edit the url and add /test to it
Ex: ˋ https://homey.app/nl-nl/app/nl.klikaanklikuit/KlikAanKlikUit/test/ˋ
This reveals the test version of an app, which can have fixes, improvements, more supported devices.
Test is a somewhat scary description, look at it as release candidates.

I tried again to add it as a ACM-1000 receiver, and I don’t know why but today the app accepted it and it works.