KaKu, support or workaround for AYCT-303 remote control?

I am unsuccessfully trying to add a new KlikAan KlikUit remote AYCT-303 to my Homey (latest version).

The device is not listed as supported by the app. I tried using similar remotes such as the AYCT-202 and AYCT-102 but I only got half way. After adding the device and pressing a button, the device is seen by Homey.

However, I cannot find a configuration that responds to all four buttons. For example, the AYCT-102 has 4 buttons and a channel selector. Trying all combinations of button/channel/state, Homey always only sees button1.

Does someone know another workaround? Do I have to wait for an update of the APP?


As you have already noticed, the remote control AYCT-303 is currently not supported by the app. Please contact the app developer and ask them to add this remote control.

Regarding the RC AYCT-102: I don’t use KaKu devices myself, but as shown in the App Store, there are flow cards available, where you can choose the channel, the button and the state. So I guess all buttons can be selected and used:

So to use the different buttons and channels, you need to create some flows.

Otherwise try a remote with the same number of buttons like the APA2-2300R

Will do. Is there any preferred way of finding out the developer and contacting her/him?


Yes, I kind of tried that I couldn’t spot a suitable remote. I must have overlooked the APA2-2300R and will give it a try this evening.




That didn’t work: the APA2-2300R has 4 physical buttons: 1-ON, 1-OFF, 2-ON, 2-OFF.

Counting in the same way, the AYCT-303 has 8 buttons: 4 sets of ON/OFF.

It was worth the try.

Of course, every button can be left or right pushed.

Did you already try the cards Fantross mentioned?

Yes, that is how I (initially) found out that using the AYCT-202 doesn’t work: I changed the card trying every button value 1->2->3->4 and checked whether Homey responded. It didn’t.


Wait for the update indeed.:smiling_face_with_tear:

May I ask which brand is the APA2-2300R? I can’t find it by Klik aan Klik uit

After some searching around and comparing payload of the AYCT-303 with the config in the example repo of Athom on Github I figured out that (except of the group button and dim) you can use the AYCT-102 as device to make the regular switch function work.

Find the config of the different buttons below:

AYCT-303 AYCT-102
Button State Channel Button State
1 On 1 2 On
1 Off 1 2 Off
2 On 1 3 On
2 Off 1 3 Off
3 On 1 4 On
3 Off 1 4 Off
4 On 2 1 On
4 Off 2 1 Off


Guess your Table is also of use for The Developer updating this App with a new driver :wink:

Not necessarily.

The driver needs to be designed for the AYCT-303 payload, but this isn’t a lot of work so if I have some spare time I’ll have a look and send it to the developer.


This (using this AYCT-102 table) works for me. Thanks!!


Hy everybody,
I currently use the AYCT-303 in another smart system. It can send 18 different Codes. Button 1 - 4 left/right, short/long push and button G left/right.
Is it possible to handle all this 18 Codes wit Homey?

See the App Trust Smart Home App for Homey | Homey

this device is still not official supported,
Homey does not recognize between Long and Shot presses,
I count 4 buttons Left (ON) and 4 Right (OFF) and a Group ON and Group OFF

see: https://klikaanklikuit.nl/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/70322_AYCT-303_KAKU_MANUAL.pdf
(Sorry Cant find the English one…)


That’s less than the AYCT-102 but use this table for the ON/OFF from here: KaKu, support or workaround for AYCT-303 remote control? - #13 by Gerben_Nieuwland