KlikAanKlikUit AWMT-003 not able to pair to Homey

I just bought a ‘Klikaan klikuit’ wireless switch, the AWMT-003, and now I want to pair it to the Homey.

Shouldn’t be too hard, but Homey doesn’t respond to any signal. This is what I did:

  • Install KlikAanKlikUit app version v4.0.11 - 22.08.18
  • Connected the AWMT-003 to a normal switch
  • When I switch the button, a very small red light is blinking on the AWMT-003, meaning it is sending a signal.
  • Tried to pair the AWMT-003
  • Its tells me to push any button on the AWMT-003
  • When use the switch (and the red light on it blinks) Homey does not receive a signal and keeps telling me to push any button.
  • Used a new battery, but that was not the problem.
  • Reinstalling the app and rebooting Homey also did not do the trick.

Im on Homey 1.5.11.

Is there something im doing wrong? This is my only and first Klikaanklikuit device, so I can’t compare to something else. Or is the device itself broken?

I searched on the internet and found that in the past there where problems with some updates:

Are there more people with this problem?

You did add the device when its close to the homey?

I was sitting right next to it. Even held it on top of the Homey.

After reading the forum on 433Mhz trouble, I ‘PTP’ (pulled the plug) for 20 min. That had no effect. So it seems I got either:

  • A broken Homey (hardware), I got it 3 days now and Zwave and Zigbee is working fine, nothing else tested.
  • Or it is a problem with the firmware, but in that case more Homey users should have this problem.
  • Or a broken KaKu switch.

Think I gonna bring the KaKu switch back and get a new one first. I will tell my findings after that.

Is there a way to see or test the 433Mhz on the Homey so I can rule out malfunction on the Homey part?
update: I tried installing the Novy Intouch app, for my cooker hood, which uses 433Mhz to turn on the light. And that app recognised the signal of the remote. So Homey seems to be doing something on the 433Mhz part.

Did you make github isseu?? or contacted athom directly?

welcome post

Not yet. Wanted to see if there where other people with the same issue. I’m gonna return the KaKu and if the new switch still wont work I will contact Athom directly.


It turned out that the Kaku switch was broken. I already found it suspicious that the battery was already inserted in the switch. With the new one I got, the battery was packet separately and I had to place it myself. As soon as I connected the wires the LED on de switch turned on bright. On the old one it was very faint, almost not visible. Homey recieved the signal without a problem.

I use the AWMT-003 switch behind my original AS500 Jung switch. I connected the two wires from the lamp (Hue E27 lamp) with each other so there is permanent power to the lamp. With a simple flow on Homey I now can turn on and off my Hue light! So the WAF is very good :smile:

Roy, thanks for thinking along with me.

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Good to hear @Thijs :+1::+1: