KlikAanKlikUit app support for premium Zigbee line products

What kind of device(s) would you like to be added :
Whole Zigbee premium productline from KlikAanKlikUit

What are the device’s product codes :
ZPIR-8000, ZCC-3500, ZCTS-808, ZWLD-100, ZSDR-850, ZCO-900

Frequency spectrum :

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first of all, this is a little the wrong place, as we have a topic for that.
Second of all there already is an app, so you should contact the developer (Athom)

Thx @Caseda.

The developer (Athom) advised me to post it in the community.
That might be a bit strange indeed when they are the developers themselves.

If this is a little the wrong place :blush: can you advise which topic on the community forum would be the right one to post these kind of requests?

How can I add ZCC-3500 ? :slight_smile: thanks in advanced

Anyone manage to connect a ZCTS-808 door/window sensor?

For the base functions, the brand: Homey → zigbee devices might work. The Zcc-3500 can be switched from this homey-zigbee device. However, the switch signal does not arrive at the homey.

Today I found that the KlikAanKlikUit-Premium like the ZCC-3500 can be found as brand: ‘Trust-Smart-Home’. Now I can also use the button on this switch in flows to switch other devices.

If you see the small-print on the KlikAanKlikUit devices, it shows as a trust-brand.

Additional: the Z as first character of a KaKu device type, indicates that it is a Trust - KaKu zigbee device.

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