Kitchen Stove knob - smart sensor?

Hi All,

I’m looking for smart kitchen stove knob or any good recommended smart sensor able to do retrofit and communicate to homey ? At least able to detect knob position ON/OFF please share your ideas and suggestion. Thank you :smiley:

Does the existing knob, switch an electric heating element or is it a Gas oven?
In case of an Gas oven, is there somewhere room to place a micro-switch? (picture?)

It a Japanese type of gas stove , i’m trying to find a tiny zigbee to fit inside the knot. :thinking:

Maybe a small magnet in the knob and a small zigbee door/window sensor undernees the inox plate?

yes, i am looking at such solution too :wink: any recommended such a tiny zigbee?

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door & Window Sensor (with round edges) are the smalest I have seen. From Banggood (not sure if they are still deliverable, otherwise the more sqare Aqara)


I wonder what is the size of the circuit board after removed the casing ? is it smaller than the below from Aqara ?

the size is the same, only rounded.