KAKU AWMT-003 can not opperate

I connected the KAku awmt003 to my homey pro 2023. All went well and switch was recognized and added as a button, however if I hold the button in my homey I get the message item is working wel but can not be controlled. The fisical swith is working but homey does not show the status nor can I switch from homey. There is no KAku bridge. Anemone knowing what I am doing wrong.

You can not switch a switch with Homey.
You can if the switch is added to Homey use the switch to turn a light on or of or whatever you want to do.

Use this card like @Rmb said.


It’s not a switch, it sends a command to a wallplug that switches on a lamp for example. To switch on the lamp, push the tile of the wall plug on your Homey.
When you push the wall button the AWMT003 will sent a on/off command. That can trigger a flow on your Homey, using a WHEN card for the AWMT003.

Thanks for the explanation.

I also connected a dimmer module behind a switch. All works well. I can switch and dim the light with the physical switch and I can do it from my phone however if I switch from the phone the button changes from grey to white and the yellow dot in the top right corner goes on. If I switch with the physical switch on the wall the light goes on but the status of the button on my phone does not change. Is this a kaku issue?

It is not an issue, it is “by design”. When you control the dimmer directly with the physical button, the dimmer does not send any info, as it is a receiver. So Homey can not know.