Kaku (since 4.3.0) issues, more people?

Hi all.
It seems that Kaku since its 4.3.0 update gives a lot of issues, especially my acm 100 dimmer switch suddenly stopped working. First I thought it was the dimmer switch itself and replaced it. But the new one has exactly the same problem.
Also other Kaku devices (socket switches etc). All 433. Nothing else in my house’s setup has changed, nor homey’s position in the house.

Does anyone else recognize these issues too?

4.3 update is 11 days ago, I have several 433mhz kaku switches and remotes and they all still work the same.

I didn’t change anything in these 11 says so i can’t say anything about adding new devices etc.

i have the same.
Couple of smart connectors, but the seem to live there own life.

Thinking about of lose all the kaku, and go for something else.

Since last kaku update there are problems in mine homey configuration.

  • didn’t switch off on all actions
  • Switch in loop mode: “dim level loop”


  • Switch in loop mode: “dim level loop”

I’ve send Athom support an issue. But they think Homey is to busy, because I’ve installed to many apps. For Athom the most simple solution. It can’t be the right solution, since last update it was introduced. Before there wasn’t any problem in mine KAKU/COCO configuration.

@JonE @Patrick_Ruitenbeek @Michael do you contact Athom for this bug?
I’ve contacted support@athom.com, and send a diagnostic log from the app. Hopefully they will kill the bug. In-between I will install the old version, but can’t find that version in GitHub.

I didn’t, for me it works as it should. I use kaku several times a day and it just works as it already did.

I did and also sent a bug / log report to them, as they’ve requested. Let’s really hope they’ll sort it out soon…