KAKU dimmer issues (they turn off other devices)

Hi all,

I have some strange KAKU issues, and it looks like they are dimmer related.
I have a few different devices which I all switch using a AYCT-102. The devices are switches (ACC2300) and dimmers (AWMD-250 and ACC-250-LD which I paired as ACD-200).

Connecting (and using) the ACC2300 switches seems fine, however when I add a dimmer (no matter which of the types) it will switch off the ACC2300’s when I switch off the dimmer device (from within Homey).

So I add 3 switches, all work fine. I add 1 dimmer and as soon as I turn it off (while testing it in the paring process) ALL 4 lights switch off!

Once this ‘issue’ has occurred, the ACC2300 won’t work anymore (invalid_device_data)

I have done a factory reset on homey and tried it all over again. Devices are not yet in any flow. But no luck.

It’s driving me nuts. What could cause such strange behavior?



  • homey version V3 (but also occurred on V2)
  • All devices paired using ‘copy remote’ (AYCT-102)
  • KAKU app version 4.2.4