Adding KAKU switches (dim) reverts to home screen

Hi guys,

I recently purchased a set of KAKU dimmable light switches (ACD-200). I have tried to add them to Homey as new devices. However, after initiating the pairing process, and testing to see whether the switches work, Homey’s gear icon spins and then instantly reverts back to the home screen.The device/switch is then not added. I’ve tried to reboot a couple of times, reset the app a couple of times, reset both switches, but nothing seems to work. It is very annoying, because the pairing process initially works and the switches can indeed connect to Homey. Any ideas as to why Homey is failing to complete the pairing process? I really want to see my dimmable lights work!

I had the same problem. I add them first to an remote control and then copied the remote control signal to Homey. Now they work good.

Did you have to add the remote to Homey first? Or were you able to just press the button without pairing the remote?

Hoi can press the button of the remote without paring IT to Homey.

I managed to do it! A KAKU app update and some patience made it work :slight_smile:

Good work !