KaKu app or protocol 'freezes'

Hi there all,

Since several weeks all my KaKu (Klik Aan Klik Uit) devices sometimes stop responding to Homey.
As far as i can see there is nothing happening that could cause this behaviour.
I am also unable to reproduce it; it just happens out of the blue.
Approx. 2 times a week.

When my kaku devices are not responding it is not enough to restart the app.
I have to PTP to get it working again.
All other protocols are working fine (Zwave, Zigbee).
I can also not detect any exhobitant usage of CPU of Memory resources.

(The gap in above picture is the PTP time).
I have the latest KaKu app on my Homey.
Before i contact the developer; anybody any suggestions ?


If you are still using the original Athom power supply for your Homey, replace it with another one from a reputable brand (5V, at least 2A).

Hi @robertklep ,

Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunatly that cannot be the cause ( i think)
because i already use a better powersupply for Homey (2,4 A).
However it could be defective. I’ll try to find another PS to rule that out (or not).


It sounds like the microcontroller handling the Kaku (433Mhz) protocol might be crashing.

Yeah. kind off.
In that case my Homey is broken :frowning: