iSmartgate app

I just downloaded the iSmartgate app for Homey. Remote access has been activated. UID, username and password is correct (but the app only confirms that settings are saved, so I don’t know if authentication worked or not). I’m not able to add the garage door as a device in Homey. What am I missing?
How should the app work?

It does not support adding a device. You can control it using flows (select the app instead of a device when you add a ‘Then’ card)

Where to find this info:
App support and/or forum links are present at the bottom of app store pages (if provided for).

I get that I cant add the gates as devices, but when adding the ismartgate app at “then” in a flow: It doesn’t work. This screenshot shows the alert (!) I get after testing the flow. I uninstalled the app. Rebootet the Homey, reinstalled, readded the ismartgate. Still can’t get it to work

Sorry to hear that. Please use the github link to create an ‘issue’.

Found the issue. One extra letter had sneaked into my uuid

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