Activate ismartgate app flow when opening/closing garage with other solution (Tesla)

Hi good people! I just bought the ismartgate today, and I have a question maybe somebody knows the answer to. I have gotten everything to work, so there is no issue there.

Right now I have three ways of opening my garage door. The first one is the Hormann remote (never use this), the second one is a remote control setup that I use with my Tesla and when physicall in the garage, and the third is ismartgate, to be able to open and close the garage from my cell phone and integrate it into Homey.

I plan to put up a LED strip over my garage that shows the status (green open, white closed, red when in movement), and I dont forsee any problems with this as long as it is the Flow in Homey that opens/closes the garage door.

My question is as follows: Is there any way to set it up so that Homey (via ismartgate app) senses that the garage door has been opened by the Tesla and run the flow, so LED lights will trigger also when I use my Tesla to open the garage door (I get that the in motion red LED light will probably be impossible due to the delay and what I assume is one way communication with the garage port opener, but at least so that it can change from white to green)? It doesn’t seem to be a flow card for when the ismartgate senses that the door has been opened (if I open the garage door with the remote control, ismartgate app will pretty quick notice that the garage door has been opened and change the status in the app). Or can the