Open garage door


I have created a flow which automatically opens my garage door when I come home, and my girlfriends garage door when she comes home. The issue is when we both come home in the same car.

When I come home, I run a flow that checks if the garage door is closed and then opens it, if it’s closed. Nothing else.

If my girlfriend comes home, it runs a flow that delays 10 seconds and then checks if I am home. If I’m not home, it opens her door. If I am home, it just ends the flow - which is obviously an issue.

I have ismartgate for the garage doors connected to Homey as well as the car we always travel in when we travel together via the WeConnect-app. I’m sure I can make use of this somehow… Any ideas?

It is easyer to help if you put youre flows here.

Add a sensor that identies that a car is in the garage?
If a car is in when hou come home, dont open it…

If you both drive alone, does Person A always drive the Volkswagen and Person B always drive the other car? Or do you also switch cars sometimes?