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Solution for automatic garage opening with my bike

Hi, I’ve been using Homey for a while now, mainly for my automated lights. I would like some additional luxury solutions and need som directions and ideas to automate my garage.
I ride a bike and when I get back, I would like to park in my garage straight away, so I would like it go open automatically. Now I have to get off my bike, remove my gloves, get the key, open my door, get on my bike again.
I would like to drive towards my garage and that it opens automatically, but only when I arrive with my bike. I don’t even want to press a button, because then I have to remove my gloves first.
I know it’s a luxury problem I would like to solve, but hey don’t we all?

I was thinking of the combination of a motion sensor, and phone presence on my network, but then my car I park in fromt of my garage opens it as well.

I’m starting from scratch, so tips for the best garage opening systems are welcome too. I read about some solutions, but can’t get a grip on the best solution.