Bicycle Presence

Hey Homey Folks!

I was wondering if anyone had come up with a way to establish presence for a bicycle?

Currently, my garage is more of a construction storage space than a place to put a car. I do park my eBike in the garage, however.

I know that I can use my phone/Homey App for presence sensing and to kick off automations when I leave/return, but I don’t want the garage door to open when I come home in a car, only when I’m on my bike. I’ve got some Pebblebee trackers on order, but they won’t ship until late May/early June and even then, Homey Pro would have to have an app built to utilize Google’s Find My network to utilize those tags.

Has anyone come up with a presence detection solution that doesn’t rely on a handset?

The Beacon app supports all kinds of cheap BLE beacons (these typically cost only a few $/€ on websites like Aliexpress). However, these only work when they’re within range of Homey’s BLE, which is probably somewhere between 5 and 10 meters/yards.

Alternatively, you could look at something like ESPresence, but that requires a bit more effort to get up and running.

My solution is not what you are asking for, but my setup is like this.

When I am going to leave by bike I activate a Virtual Device named Biking today. When activate it unlocks the garage door if I am home. When I arrive to home and the Virtual Device is active, the garage door is unlooked, and the Virtual Device is deactivated. Furthermore the garage lights is activated when garage door is opened.

I am quite satisfied and I think it fill the purpose for my convenience.