Gate open and close in stead of on and off

Hi, i have a gate which opens automatically with the help of homey and Fibaro Smart Module.

The only thing what bothers me is that homey sees it as a light. The gate is on (in stead of open). And I have to ask Siri “Set the gate on” in stead of “Set the gate open”.

Is there a way to change that?

I would suggest turn on experimental in the App and try using a Virtual Socket for this, best to have a read in the forums how Virtual Sockets work but you should be able to manage this with a virtual device.

I guess one of the problems is, that the Smart Module is configured as lamp/light in the settings (What is plugged in or connected). So I guess Apple Home/Kit recognize the Smart Module as lamp/light. Bt there is no other option that would fit.

A workaround could be to use the Apple Shortcut app to create shortcuts with webhooks for opening and closing the garage. If you have an HP23, the shortcut and the webhook should look like this:

(The hidden area is the Homey ID)

The flow should look like this:

You can freely name the Siri shortcut, e.g. “Open garage”. Siri responds to this title and starts the flow to open the garage.
This is the way I control our garage.

@Darrell_Etherington, if you use a Virtual Socket, it will in default not be recognized as lamp/light because “What is plugged in” is configured as default as “Others”, but it will be the same problem. Because a socket is also turned on or off, so the same wording like a lamp/light. Maybe there is a possibility with the Device Capabilities app to create a virtual device, but I didn’t tried it yet.

Thanks for the response, that seems feasible. I’ll try tonight.