Is there still no local access? (V2)

This evening our Internet went down. As it was late, we said “oh well, let’s just go to sleep”. I tried to switch off all the lights. But the only thing the app showed was " Homey offline". Speech command resulted in “oops,…”.
So homey is just another cloud solution, but taking up space in my livingroom for nothing???

It should be available offline but for some reason athom decided that this should be changed with 2.x

For the speech part. This has never worked locally. Reason is that the speech is done on servers like Watson speech etc. Controlling ont he phone should work offline (meaning: homey is not connected to the internet. ) but apparently it doesn’t.

Flows and such are still working offline but you can’t control them. I hope athom knows how to fix this.

  1. Did you talk to Homey himself or via a Google Home? If the latter then alas, no go indeed.
    It should still work if you initiated it by talking to Homey directly.

  2. Was your WiFi router still working and the local network accessible?

  3. Were you on WiFi or on 4G? New phones tend to jump to 4G if they sense that internet is unreachable, even with WiFi on. And if you’re on 4G, Homey isn’t in the same network anymore.

Some functions don’t work offline, some do work. Accessing should be possible. @Dijker tested this:

Wooow… I wanted to buy a Homey and now I am reading, that Homey is just another cloud solution…, bye Homey…

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OMG the way Athom is handling know is not good. I am curious if there still will be a Homey in a couple of years. Or will Homey only be a plastic ball.
This means e.g. Homey can’t be used as a alarm system. If the internet connection is gone and you coming home you can’t disable it!


omg make a flow
IF door opends THEN blow the Horn…
pull the internet cable open the door at night and you will see that the whole neighbourhood is awake.

That works!!
and offcourse you do not get a message without internetconnection.

And how do we turn the horn off?

That is just part of the story. There are indeed parts that are cloud only. Such as speech (but that is being replaced by other parties that are already cloud only) but all the flows and devices that you specified are in homey and are only pulled by the application when needed. So everything is stored locally but can be accessed remotely.

This has been the situation from the start. But the problem here is that the phone app tries to connect to the cloud, which it can’t, and therefore fails. It should remember the last token used to communicate with your local homey and if that token passes just let the user control his/hers device. If the token is older then xxx minutes don’t provide access because safety can’t be guarenteed.

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Same network. Wifi was working. It was an outage from the isp. But the app does not seem to connect to homey over the local lan.

make a flow that the horn will go off in e.g. 1 min.

And you are sure that you were connected to the local wifi?

Yes, I only have one wifi at home. And I do know the difference between no internet, and no network :wink:
It was an outage by Delta, as we also had no tv.

That is convenient for the burglars if I am away lol

then do not shut it off…if you want to do it manually then call your home to shut it off

And while I do appreciate your ideas, there is no point in selling us workarounds for situations that were given as an example. There is no flow I can create in advance that lets me turn on or off , or control my (zwave) devices at random times when I need it. Fact is the homey app is not able to connect to a local homey. And I, and I hope others aw well, are finding that not logical.


There is…but it is a workaround so back to topic again.

Just to get things straight in this topic.

Homey is and will never be fully meant as a security system, it has never been advertised as this either.
To be a security system homey would have had a battery backup, gsm module and ethernet connection.

As it misses this all natively, that makes homey a pretty bad security system in itself.

As for local connection, the app remembers the local tokens, so if you have logged in at home even once, it should be able to log into homey without internet.

The only reason the cloud connection is used it to verify your credentials, it will always prefer a local connection before a cloud connection, if local is not available it will fall back to the cloud connection.
So if you only get a cloud connection, maybe something is of in your phone or router blocking this connection.
It is visible in the settings which type you are connected right now (More… -> Settings -> General, behind “connection”)

See also:


Thx for your reply. The thing is I can’t check the connection status. The moment there is no internet, my app says homey offline. With only a button to retry. Both on the same local wifi at that point. Both my, and my partner"s app.

Try rebooting your wifi router and ptp (pull the plug) on homey for several minutes (not at the same time)