Is there a maximum number of kaku devices one can add to a homey system

I have 8 different kaku devices coupled with my homey system, mosthly wall plugs, indoor and outdoor and small switches etc. Now i experience the effect that if the homey switches one device on 2 other devices which are not in the flow also switch on, also when i remove the device from the homey. Somehow they seem to use the same codes or interfere.

If you switch them on and off on the ipad they work seperately and fine, but inside the flow they correlate. Seems like a bug to me, but is quite annoying, to have the christmass tree switching on and off with the diffuser in house if you pass the kitchen sensor or the home sensor……

I had this too for wall plugs. Chrismas lights too: When you plug in a socket, some go in to programming mode for a minute or so. If at that time a code is sent, they learn it. So when I plugged in my chrismas lights, and my son came in and triggered a code the christmas lights were linked to the porch light :- :rofl:

Fortunately you can also unlearn unwanted combo’s - either by doing a full reset of the device, or more subtle by unlearning one code. While a device is in learning mode, send an off signal for the inwanted device and it will then unlink.

But to answer your question, There’s no limit, I had 50+ different codes leaned to Homey with no problems.

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Thanks yes, i had to delete the diffuser in my homey, and take it out of the different flows, now both the room light and the xmass tree dont start when the flow of the diffuser triggers. It becomes quite complex when you have so many controllers in the house and the homey starts messing up codes in the process. Anyway solved now and happy again, thanks for your response

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