Is there a delay when using Hue in a flow instead of the Hue Bridge?

I have had HP23 running for a short time now, and i noticed that whenever i use flows to control my Hue lights in combination with motion sensors (in this case also Hue) there is some delay. When i use Hue through the bridge it seems the delay is gone. Do other people also experience this “issue”?

The Hue app for Homey uses a 2-second interval for polling the bridge, so it may take up to 2 seconds before the motion sensor state is updated within Homey and able to trigger a flow.

Thanks, that clears this issue. If i want things to go without delay i would have to connect all my hue stuff to homey directly? And if yes, the downside of this would be not able to use hue scenes or…?

Or you can try adding them via Matter.

If you connect them directly to Homey via Zigbee, then that’s one downside, yes. The other downside is that the “Hue, without the bridge” app that you’ll need may not support all of your Hue devices, so check the app page to see which ones are supported.

I don’t know if the same applies when you add them via Matter, because in that case the Hue bridge is still the device controller.

Thatnks for the suggestion, switching to matter resolved the delay!


I have the sensor going through the bridge using homey to control all flows etc, however i added in the hue app the room lights that the sensor controls so it trigges the lights also through the hue app and the homey sort of takes over after the polling time. Seems to respond quicker but i havnt tested it for long.

I have now the same setup, seems to work ok(ish). At times i have to reconnect a hue sensor because its “unreacheble” in the homey app. It’s different sensors … and then they work for a while properly again. I do have an old switch (gen1) which often has no connection. I don’t notice this issue with the newer switches.

The HUE sensors keeps being “unreachable” and have to be repaired when using hue without the bridge as well.

I feel that HUE worked alot better before I got the Homey Pro