Hue Tap zum schalten von Flows in Homey


hat jemand von Euch schon einen Hue Tap über eine Hue Bridge in Homey integriert, um Flows zu schalten? Ich habe alles eingerichtet, aber beim Drücken der Tasten, passiert rein gar nichts!

Ich nutze dazu diese App:

I have tried it with the dimmer, Due to the way that Hue have set it has to ‘check’ to see if the tap has happened this means that flows can happen up to 5 seconds after you press the button.

Are you able to post a screenshot of your flow?

@Jamie Thank you! After restarting the Hue App within Homey, the flows working.But the delays are very bad :frowning:

That’s just the way the the hue bridge communicates - it doesnt ‘push’ changes.

If you directly connect the lights to Homey, with out the bridge (using this app) you will get immediate results.


a) You will no longer be able to use the HUE app
b) I dont think it currently supports the tap - just the dimmer.

Ive been considering installing both apps, using the lights through the bridge and my dimmer directly on the zigbee app.

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Yes, the Tap is not supported to use without the bridge! That‘s the biggest problem. I only have the bridge for the Tap. :man_shrugging:t3:
I have no other zigbee lights

I bought the Tap, because I could use the zigbee modul within my Eltako FT55 Wallswitch. And the FT55 fits within the Busch Jäger Frame

Doesn’t look like it will be supported any time soon sorry.

Ähh, und jetzt wieder zurück zur deutschen Sprache. Das ist extra die nicht-englische Abteilung

Könnte aber sein, dass der Mod nur helfen will und kein Deutsch kann :man_shrugging:

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