Hue bridge delay

Dear friends,

I got a hue bridge since the zigbee on Homey is just shitty.
Connected all my hue and tradfri to the bridge and then added all the lights in homey.
All works well… BUT… sometimes there is a huge delay.
For example, when it’s after 00:00 my lights should go on when a door is opened, but after this command I should get a message ‘door openend’.
When I try this, the message is instant, but the lights turn on after +/- 10 sec.
What can I do? Or… what did I do wrong.
Already tried PTP a lot :wink:

Thank you!


If i understood correctly you could have a delay up to 7 seconds because of the polling that is going on between Homey and Hue (Homey asks for status information every 7 seconds?)

7.5 seconds is an old interval, it is now either 2 (for sensors) or 5 seconds (for lights), but this is only for hue Bridge to Homey, the other way around should be pretty much instant, can be a little delay, but 10 seconds is a lot.
The delay can be caused by the amount of polling going on, making the hue bridge slower, or the already many time mentioned here on the forum peaks of usage with the hue app.

You should contact Athom about this.

In my opinion… athom does very little to nothing with remarks and questions from users.
I was hoping anyone had an idea of what I did wrong. Because my brother swore by this combination, resolving all his zigbee issues.

By the way… it is just as if some unit is taking a break. When I wait for the lights to turn on, everything after the delay happens instant. Even just switching one light on can take a lot of seconds, after that. Instant.

Edit: switched lights on with homey, after delay. Can switch instant.
Open hue app, turn on/off lights (instant)
Open homey, turn on lights, delay! Counted, is around 7 seconds.

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I now and then have a delay that atleast feels like 7 seconds so i don’t know if it’s changed or not but in my situation there is some delay now and then.

When i switch multiple lights at ones i have a build in delay in my flows.

i.e. i have a button on a kaku renote and when pressed everything in the living room turns off, zigbee lights, zwave and kaku (433mhz) plugs, tv etc. I have delays build in otherwise something will stay on.

Another strange thing is… all my lights are not responding when I disconnect the hue bridge from internet.
This means homey sends a command with internet in stead of using the zigbee.
My hue remote still works fine with the lights when disconnected.

How is this possible?

Homey uses wifi to communicate with the hue bridge. Homey uses zigbee if you directly connect zigbee lights (etc. ) to homey.

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So my idea to fix the light issue by buying a hue bridge was not the solution at all?
Is there another option? Or do we just have to live with bad zigbee on homey?

This is really a pain in the …

But… what i think is strange. I also have doorsensors from xiaomi and when opening a door, the light goes on instantly.
But when using the motionsensors from hue, there is a big delay.

So… the solution is to use sensors from other brands for everything? Or is this a too simple thought?

I have the same problem as you. Athom Homey Noway on Facebook suggest ip reservation. Both on Athom and Philips Hue.

I have just set it up. Hope it be better.

Listen… I don’t want to state the obvious… but why put effort in an update regarding energy readings, when you sell a product that doesn’t even do what is says on the box.
Sorry, just dropping some thoughts. I can’t believe them. Why are most of us unhappy due to insuffient zigbee function, and they choose to update some mainstream shit.
They should be happy they are the only ones who combine protocols, but when somebody takes point and developes something that does work… they will easily be forgotten.

If this is gonna be another “bash Athom” topic then it WILL be closed. Now what has the energy tab to do with the Hue bridge delay? C’mon guys!
Off-topic posts will be deleted. Same goes for reactions on this post.

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I use HUE bridge and Homey with various brands of sensors that trigger the HUE lights. Works well provided you set them up correctly, i.e. in the right order.
HUE bridge installed > then HUE bulbs connect to the HUE bridge > Update all the HUE bulbs to latest firmware via HUE app>HUE added to Homey + Strips sensors/Fibaro/NeoCam switches added to Homey > create flows/triggers in Homey.
There may be a slight delay in more complex flows but generally this can never be more than a few seconds, not annoyingly longer delays. You may want to check also some automation that may be in Hue app itself, make sure this does not interfere with external triggers such as coming from Homey. (Sunset automation in HUE app works well but make sure you don’t hinder these with flows overruling from Homey)

I have 4 Hue lights and 13 Xiaomi Aqara stuff on my Homey, everything working on ZigBee. No Hue Bridge. No delay. BoDam, your problem is not Homey. Maybe a defect Homey, maybe a defect bridge, maybe a defect configuration, maybe a defect mesh, maybe a defect comprehension of Homey. But it’s not Homey as a product.