Latency issue with Phillips Hue & Tradfri

I’m new to the world of Homey. Just finished a remodeling job of my kitchen, and decided to get Hue GU10 spots for every inch of it, 12 spots and counting, and i have some latency issues when turning everything off.
Im using Hue switch, for turning on the lights i have 2 flows:

  1. on press on switch, turns on 5 spots over the table
  2. on press on switch, turns on the other 7
    This works fairly stable this far, there has been some minor issues, but nothing big.

turning the lights off, is a different story tho. 50% of time its result as expected. But the other 50% of the time im seeing a glitchy fadeout and 1 or more light are left on. in some of theese cases they all turned off in serveral minutes after button press, but thats not acceptable to me.

And its actually kind of the same issue im seeing in the hallway where i have 12 tradfri GU10 spots, controlled by a Hue sensor, turning on the lights are done over serveral seconds (i tried using a delay of 1 sec. on half of them to no avail) and just as the kitchen, turning them off (when timer runs out) it happens in a spotted fashion, and very often leaves 1-2 on for minutes.
The hallway uses the Group functions both for on and off

Regards Ole

Do you use the bridge, or without. Homey has a delay of 1-5 seconds when you use the bridge in responding. Mostly this is acceptable, sometimes not. In the latter case I solved it ones by not using Homey and just using Philips own app. In the second case the flow I used was not to make in the Philips Hue own app and I decided to add a contact sensor, which resolved in a 2 second delay. Instead if 4 seconds.

Wat certainly helps is adding a delay of 1-2 seconds for every card in the THEN part. Especially for turning on/off devices, adding a delay works pretty good.
Grouping of the lamps is also a way to improve. You can find this in the flows at devices, example: turn on all devices, IF Logic Kitchen, THEN turn on. That way you only have 1 card and no need off adding a delay.

I have the sensor on Hue, rest is connected in Homey, since in my first try i had a hard time getting the sensor to act properly.