Is the Homey Pro 2023 spectacularly quicker?

My HP2023 will arrive any day now, but most of the posts I read about it are about issues with apps, migration, backup, Zigbee the Homey app, etc.

But what I would like to know: is the 2023 really that much more powerful? Do you really notice a significant increase in speed and stability?

My current HP2018 is working flawlessly, even Zigbee. Sure, ap performance could be a bit snappier, but I wonder if that is worth an investment of > EUR 400,-

Positive review

Read a lot about the issues, but between the lines i also read some enthusiastic reports.

Fore app performance delete your timeline, and it will work seemingly again(tip @Caseda ).

If its worth it, depends. Hobbywise for me the answer is yes. And i like to have a spare Homey. Becauses when it crashes definitely, you will wonder at that moment, that a live without Homey is quite different. My life without Homey.

Will it really be worthwhile. I doubt it, because €430,- (with ethernet) is a lot of money when your Homey does its job well.

But just my two cents.

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I just want to say, no one posts things like this:

Hi everyone, 
I don't have any problem
My Homey works flawless, and the migration went smooth.

Does anyone know what the issue can be?

Compare the number of ‘problem posts’ with the thousands (assumption) of Homey’s out there, and you have a better look at things imho. :wink:
And… it’s not always a hardware issue, some problems are between the chair and the screen :upside_down_face:

Yes, the HP2023 is way faster and when issues are resolved, i believe it will be way more stable.
It’s a joy working with the hp2023, except for beginningissues.