[HowTo] Homey Pro (Early 2023) - Getting started (With Early Access)

I spend my Sunday transferring devices from old Homey to hp2023. And starting re-building flows from scratch. I must say I had barely any issues, only 2 zigbee motion sensors I had to repair a few times. I must say, all flows are executing much quicker now and I have no issues with the speed of the app. So really happy! I transferred 22 zigbee devices, 3 zwave devices and 7 klikaan devices. Further I have rebuilt 15 advanced flows and have 13 apps installed

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I do have one issue: I can’t see the zigbee routing on the developers site while I can see the routing on my old Homey.

Not implemented yet

Which part, the actual meshing itself or reflecting it in the dev portal?

Dev portal

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Same experience here. Super impressed with the speed and the advanced flows. I did not do a backup restore from my old to new homey as I thought it might be a good idea to revamp my flows and design. So I took the weekend to add the devices and have my “old” flows on one side of the screen whilst I familiarized myself with Advanced flows and converted them into a (way more efficient) great working new built.

All in all very happy with the new homey (yes there are still issues/missing cards etc), it’s aesthetics and performance

I was hoping the new would fix zigbee… Been using deconz for a while now as I had issues with Aqara sensors losing connection, but I would like to turn off that server anytime soon.
What are your expectations for having a working zigbee network in any future updates?

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fixing zigbee is now prio 1 but they say it is a tricky issue.

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that helped! devices and flows are now added. still a bit of bugs regarding repairing zigbee, it says it got an error trying to repair but then it did it anyways.

such a relief, after two dead Homeys I got realy fed up, the PRO not doing what it supposed to do. Anyway, the migration part is just rubbish, there should be a better instruction from Athom on how to do this. I didn’t know about the factory reset ( it just came out of the factory right?) so thats a step I just don’t find logical.

device functions properly, the app is constantly glitching and stalling. so after a few dozen app resets it gets quite anoying real fast.

I’d like to give credit to Athom sending me a replacement Homey pro (early 2019) so quickly, it doesn’t cover up the fact that this is the second one dying because of PSU issues. this one is still under warranty so I got that going for me, which is nice :wink:

Well… Updating to rc55 bricked my Homey. Didn’t boot after the update. Pulled the plug 8 hours later, and still the red LED-ring.

Didn’t work. I’m now trying to reset with the USB-tool.

Update: first tried to install rc55 again via USB. Didn’t work.
Then reset to factory settings, which was a clean install of rc55. That worked! But after restoring the backup, Homey became red again. I’m not sure what the problem is, but I’m waiting for the next update until I’m trying to install again.

Too bad I can’t install an old rc.

Lesson learned: next time I will create a full backup via USB, so I can easily revert to the previous firmware.

Hi to you All,

Most is working fine, exept the old flows out of the backup.
old advance flows are ther, old normal flows not.
The maps and stucture is there but they are empty, exept the advance flows.

Some one an idea?


Some have the standard flows restored, some have not.
I’d suggest to report it to Athom using the link on this page:

  • Does anyone know if Insights should be migrated as well?

  • Is it possible to import exported insights on Pro 2023?


Is is possible after “migration attempt” - meaning to see what works and doesn’t, simply to turn on old Homey back ? Naturally without repairing Zigbee ut not sure if Z-Wave devices get’s “auto” migrated and you can’t revert it.

AFAIK zigbee and zwave devices can be paired with one controller only.
When your devices are paired to an new controller, as a result, they should be unknown to / disconnected from the ‘old’ controller.
But that’s in theory :wink: :wink:

That’s exactly why I’m asking because ZWAve migration shall be automatic, Zigbee not…so I wonder if by restoring/migrating from HP2019, I actually loose option to go back without full rebuild.

Yes, but, just switching on the 2019, is not the same as migrating to 2023?

Maybe let me repeat my original question : Is is possible after “migration attempt” - meaning to see what works and doesn’t, simply to turn on old Homey back ? Naturally without repairing Zigbee not sure if Z-Wave devices get’s “auto” migrated and you can’t revert it.