Is HomePod supported


Did anyone succeed in connection the HomePod to the Homey? HomeyKit doesn’t find the device :frowning:


No Unfortunately. I am also still looking for a solution to make Homey’s speech flow through the Homepods.

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HomeyKit isn’t supposed to find it: the Homepod is a Homekit-enabled device, and HomeyKit turns Homey into such a device as well (but only in one direction: it exposes Homey devices to iOS, not the other way around; it doesn’t expose other HomeKit devices to Homey).

There is no app that can provide that sort of service.

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Me too. I was trying to do something with Shortcuts. Although HomePods still don’t have Dutch Siri, so communication is difficult (if your iPhone is Dutch).
I though, if you can get a http get thing back to Shortcuts, you could make some things there. But my knowledge of Shortcuts is too little.

The only thing I wanna do is turning it off or start a specific radio station in the morning when pushing a button.

Nothing fancy but cannot do it

I use Apple Music. I that case it is possible when you use Siri Shortcuts with Homey to start/stop music with a flow in Homey (Album, track, playlist, radio station.)

Thanks for the tip, I will have a look at it.

How did you manage to use siri shortcuts with Homey/in Homeys flows?

Please have a look into this tutorial:

I think this will help you.

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Thank you🙌

I tried it and I can use the requests as triggers.
Is it possible to send requests to the Homepod? I wanted to create a flow to start music but can‘t find a solution.

Could you please share your flow/shortcut setting for playing music?

At the moment I do not have any flows starting music on my HomePod.
Flow now it is only possible to make a Siri Shortcut to start Music on your HomePod.

You can start a web request with Siri Shortcuts to trigger or start a flow in Homey. A possible solution to start music on your HomePod is that you create a virtual button in Homey and add this button to HomeKit. Create a scene in Homekit when this button is triggered and add your HomePods to it. When you add the HomePods you can select what type of music you want to play.

Tks for help.
I‘ll try