Is fibaro roller shutter, an IO, i.e. two way communication?

Is Fibaro Roller Shutter a two-way communication (IO)? Or it is TRS?

If not, what app, transmitter, or RF unit does report the state of tilt and/or open/closed in percentage?

It would also be great if the icon show % of state (instead of power in W, kWh, or Temperature C), Is TAHOMA Somfy like that?

Just to see the blind state from remote location

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As far as I know, Fibaro devices are Z-Wave.

Wow, many questions…
Fibaro is always Z-Wave, it has for the App a specific Topic: [App] Fibaro by Athom

For all Fibaro / App / Device related Questions of Fibaro , please ask there.

and Z-Wave is a 2-way communication protocol See here: What is Z-Wave? Learn More About this Powerful Smart Home Technology. | Homey

And NO, it isn’t IO - That’s a dirty proprietary that is only closed / secret by Velux / Somfy
Never Heard of TRS …

RTS is probably the simple RF signal Somfy also uses but one way…


That’s not quite right. Fibaro also sells Apple HomeKit compatible devices which uses BT or WiFi. But these versions are not compatible with Homey.

This is what many users want. Please send a feature request to Athom.

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Please use the Fibaro main topic for problems with Fibaro devices or the Homey Fibaro app:
[APP] Fibaro - Your home is your castle (by Athom)

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