Ir learning does not exist anymore

In the past the ir learning from any remote control was possible with Homey. However now I cannot find it any more.

Is it still possible to use, if yes where can I find it?


Please correct me if I am wrong. Learning IR signals has never worked in Homey. It is only possible to connect the devices from the database.

Don’t make yourself miserable and buy a Harmony or Switchbot Hub. They work and you won’t have a nervous breakdown.


I did it several months ago and it worked just fine for me.

and all of a sudden I do not see that learning functionality appear anymore.

Did they recently hide this?

Afaik it never worked, unless you create an app for IR. Then it can learn the IR signal and return the digital data via
But the IR database is extended with lots of devices 10 months ago, and at the same time Athom removed the experimental option “learn IR” from the mobile app. But that really did not work at all here…
Screenshot from 2022-09-27 00-35-14

The search bar is very weird though…
(via Add device > Homey > Ir device)
Enter app and it doesn’t find anything
Enter appl and all apple IR devices are shown.
Same goes for yamah and yamaha
Screenshot from 2022-09-27 00-40-04

Whaaa, they removed it!?!

After many years I wanted to get back to homey. directly got 2 for home and workshop. I used IR in the part with IR-learning. For some devices it did work for me.

And now I don’t see the learning option anymore!!
I also have an elite screen with IR, but also can’t find a way to get it working on any beamer screen IR profile in the search library while holding the homey in front of the IR sensor.

I’m disappointed they did not leave the learn IR in the power-user mode somewhere.

You can be as dissapointed as you like, but it really never worked for users (as far as I know), I never got it to learn one command from any remote I own, after a full day of trying. It only seems to work in case you want to write an app, and use the learned codes in the app.

BUT, instead, the IR device library is extended with lots of devices, so there’s a change you’ll find the virtual remote for your beamer.

Alternatively, you can use a Switchbot hub. It can learn IR signals and is compatible with Homey.

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