IR gate solution for Homey

Hi all,

I want to detect motion on a staircase with a strange ‘corner’.
Because of the weird shape of the staircase only a motiondetector is not enough.
It cannot ‘see’ the lower part of the staircase.
Offcourse i can use a second PIR but i think that will be triggered too much because of movement on the lower floor.
So i was thinking of using a “IR gate” solution where the IR beam will be interrupted when somebody starts to clime te stairs. (An IR transmitter with a reflector on the other site).

Big question here: Is there such a “IR-gate” device available which can talk to Homey ?
Or do i have to grab my soldering gear :wink: ?


Hi I was interested in the same:

It appears you have to get your soldering iron

Interesting :thinking:

And then (besides the doorsensor) with equipment like this: