Iphone VS. Android

I’m looking for a new phone and was wanting if there is a difference between iPhone and Android for automation. Android have a lot of customization and widgets. My plan is to use homey as a automated alarm system. Is there a difference in location, WiFi, Bluetooth detection.
Is there someone who uses android and iPhone that can tell me the difference on the two phones when it comes to homey and automated routines.

Generally Anroid is better than iPhone :laughing:
At least for Homey it’s easier to set up Anroid with the new v2.0…
Took me alot more time to set up my gf’s iphone because of outdated links and stuff like that…

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That response is super BIASED… I had no problems whatsoever setting up my iPhone X. You should pick the OS you prefer, the Homey app (since V2) is still in Beta so you can’t judge whether the app works better on Android or iOS.

The apps for android and IOS are completely the same.

The only difference is that IOS doesn’t allow for “when battery charger inserted” trigger.

IOS presence is in general more reliable as it is the same accros all IOS devices. (though have seen some users where it still doesn’t work properly)
For android it depends on user and device, some have great results, some decent results, for some it just doesn’t want to work properly at all.

So it is completely your preference on the phone itself.

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I love this topic alr!
There is gonna be answers like Iphone…No, Android. NO IOS!!
I go for IOS! Who’s next?


I am using Homekit for presence which just turns on / off an osram zigbee plug which homey uses as condition / trigger

You could also use a virtual device for that, if you don’t want to switch an actual device.

Correct, but I have had some problems with that.


android is ok for Homey ,
except dont expect to use Google assistant well.

There is no full native support.

based on responses here there are probably more iPhone users.