Home and away

I don’t know if it’s just me, but home or away doesn’t work in the bridge. Two Apple phones and both given permission to determine location. But when I leave, it won’t be passed on to Homey Bridge. I can’t download the Présence app so I’m quite disappointed in this device.

Does anyone have a solution?

For my android devices, I had to turn of battery optimalisation for the homey app, maybe that’s an option for iOS too?

I can confirm that Home and Away works with Homey (cloud) with or without the Bridge.
It could be that you are affected by a issue in iOS in combination with the Homey Mobile App. please search for iOS 15 and Presence. as mentioned by @Sapperdeflap

Other point is, is the location of your Homey correct? (pls check that in the mobile App.)
What have you tried to check that Presence doesn’t work?
How many devices on your Athom Account use Automatic Home/Away Detection ?

Thnx for the reply but as i mentioned “Two Apple phones and both given permission to determine location”
Now i have also aloude tracking by apps.
Maybe it wil work tomorrow as i go to work.

As I understand both use different accounts.
But leaving an Tablet with that option enabled at home… I guess you understand that could give confusion.

We have two (Apple) iPhone devices, And Two accounts. The second one was invites by the firs in Family ans Guest. No iPad connectie only the MacBook.

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Like Sapperdeflap wrote, it happens to work fine here too, using Android 10 phones, Samsung S9 to be precise. My Pro & Cloud Homey’s report my presence almost simultaneously and accurate.

In the past 3 years it has never worked for me with Android (samsung phones). Tried every setting. Its kind off close nowadays but still too slow, im already inside before it detects me.

Did you point your location manually on the map. If auto-detect is enabled it’s not working very well…

Family have four iPhones and Beta/Bridge. It worked perfectly while on IOS 14. Since we upgraded ti IOS 15 the app needs to be running in the background on iPhones (might be that you also have to disable private ip adress).

Hi, I think that the Homey app does not “boot” when it should. I have family of 5 iPhones and came to conclusion that in some situations you need to open Homey app on your phone… so homey should add some detection to recover automatically.

Seems that presence gets confused when your battery dies or battery is below 20% and iphone is not charged full…. About latter, iPhone usually goes to energy saving puts some energy saving. Sometimes it recovers, but maybe requires that you charge it to almost full and then energy saving goes off.

This is one reason why have been testing ‘smart presence’ app, to detect from Wi-Fi who is in the house. Challenge here is that kids seem to save battery by putting Wi-Fi off, and therefore it’s not that reliable.

From another thread:

I had same problem, but i’m using now the locative-app in combination with webhooks and that works quite wel. No problems with seeing my wife coming home at a distance of 200 mtr. It goes by GPS.

Do you happen to know anything similar to ‘locative’ for android?
It’s just what I need but it’s only for iOS unfortunately.

or Macrodroid which can send a webhook to Homey

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So I guess Macrodroid is my only way to go if I only have Bridge?

Yes, for Android i use the app Macrodroid.
Within this app you can make use of geofences.

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I have Ubiquiti wireless att home, so I use the Ubiquiti app to see if our phones are connected.

I’ve always had challeges with the home/away native homey feature. After a lot of troubleshooting and ups and downs I’ve found that the app “SmartPresence” does this in a much better way; Set a fixed IP on your iPhones and let the app decide if you’re home or away and set the related state in Homey.

Assumption here is ofcourse that you always travel with your phone. But its the 21st century so that won’t be an issue I think.

Thanks everyone for the help, but I’ve sent the bridge back to Athom. Maybe, in the near future when the possibilities are equal to the Pro I’ll be back. For now I think the Beta is too limited.