Iphone app freezes, IOS 7.2.2 and 7.3.0

I don’t know if others have the same problem!
I have migrated to Homey Pro 2023 (latest firmware) by using my backup from Pro 2019.

All the flows and automation are working, but as soon I activate the iPhone app and enter the device area it freezes within 20 sec, there after all I can do is scroll the page up and down.
I cannot activate/deactivate anything.
When a close and reopen the app again the same thing happens.

Anyone else has this problem, any solution?
And I’m not interested in resetting my Homey and start over from scratch :wink:

I experience the same on my Android S20 phone.

I have set folded view and that works better than the unfolded view.
Worth a try.

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So strage, seems to have the same effect for me as well

Let’s hope this issue will be improved by Athom.

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Did you already make a support request then?

Yes, I have

Me too.

Does rebooting solve ?

I have a enormous laggy app als on daily basis.
Thought it was the app … but when i reboot homey its solved ( for a while )

Has no effect

Have same issue with freezing. Collapsed view help me at least get to use the app again. Just bought the 2023 version today and imported all my devices from hue (about 80), 10 zigbee and 10 z-wave ish, Daikin onekta, Verisure, Heos and harmony integrations.

Web works fine no problem, only app on phone that freezes within 20 seconds if collapsed view isn’t on.

Hi all. Any uppdates on this?
I have the same issue on 3 different devices. iPad, Galaxy pad and Galaxy phone. Seems to work on my Windows laptop. Factory reset my homey 5 times tried 2,4 and 5 ghz wifi. Reinstallation of app does not help.

I have the issue with the phone freezes. But my case is that it freezes that much that I have to restart the app. When I open it again I need to quickly switch to my other pro 2019, which works. I have opened a ticket with this issue, and I can confirm that installing it from scratch or migrating data doesn’t work. The web app is working though without any issues. Let’s see what they answer but if there isn’t a fix I need to return it. I can’t control the pro 2023 on any of my phones.

I do not know if it is a solution for you, but in TestFlight the ios app is on version 7.6.1 and that is working on iPad and iPhone.