iOS app is becoming unusable

The Homey iPhone app is becoming near unusable for me on iPhone 15 Pro as well as iPad Air 2022. After it has been in use for a few minutes, it starts to hang every few seconds for 2-10 seconds, no matter what I am doing. It’s completely random, I could be scrolling, pressing a UI element, or entering text data - suddenly the app will completely freeze for 2-10 seconds. It happens so frequently, it has become near unusable. If I kill the app and restart, it improves for a few minutes.

On iPhone I have tried un-installing and re-installing. This did not help.
Since it happens on both my iPhone and iPad, it’s not a hardware problem.

Is anyone else experiencing any such symptoms?

It’s the same on Android, both on a galaxy Note 20 ultra and a Pixel 8 Pro

Same here on iPhone 15 Pro and also it takes a long time to update when new apps are added or lights are changed. Sometimes I need to kill the app to show changes.

I have iphone 14 pro and 3 ipad air 2022, no problems at all💁🏻‍♂️

I have both an Homey Pro 2016 and a new Homey Pro 2023 and been controlling them extensifly using an Pixel 7 pro without issues.

Exactly the same here, iPhone 15 Pro Max.
Reached out to Athom two weeks ago, but no reply yet.

Same problem pixel 6.
Reaction athom. There working on it

My app (7.5.2 (1367)) started acting up just now. Did a couple of restarts of it but went into the same state after a short while. Rebooted Homey Pro and now I’m unable to get in using the app(s) only Web app is working. I have spinner in iOS and Mac OS app, that keeps reloading from bottom of screen to middle of screen, over and over. Looks almost like it’s bouncing

Thanks for all replies, and for the confirmation that Athom is working on it. Hopefully, a fix is forthcoming. I started to compose a message to them, but saw that the expected response time was 3 weeks. So I posted here instead.

The processors used in the devices I experience these freezes on, A17 Pro and M1, are much faster than most multi-core PCs so that should not be a bottleneck. When these freezes occur, I frequently accidentally short click on a device, instead of long-click, thus turning something off or on un-intentionally, instead of opening the properties page. Oh how I wish the short-click vs long-click worked differently in the app, but that’s a whole different topic.

Still have the same issue … is there a workaroud or is there coming a update for the app?
(iPhone 15 Pro Max, Homey Pro 2023, ios updated app)