ipCam Cloud free conversion

Hi everyone!

Premise: I have a super-cheap ipCam model Wansview K5 that I recently installed outdoor in a gazebo (I know it is an indoor camera, but considering the very low cost paid it’s suitable for the purpose for a few weeks).
After 2-3 days, I received an email from Wansview where they ask me if I’m satisfied with my fantastic cam and coincidentally at the same time they propose me their new OUTDOOR ipCam with 50% discount. :no_mouth:

Question: is there a way to use a custom firmware, to make it independent from any cloud, while remaining remotely accessible? I use both Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi4 and Homey.
If feasible, is there something similar also for a “Blink Mini” and an “Ezviz C1C” cam I received as gift?
On the contrary, I’ll find a decent way to get rid of them… :sweat_smile:

Thanks so much in advance!!

There are only a very limited amount of camera’s that have custom firmware (I only know of two Xiaomi camera’s), and none of the ones you mention seem to have one (but you probably found that out already by Googling before you asked your question here).

You already know that the K5 offers ONVIF support, which is local (however, I don’t know if that’s similar to Homey’s “local”, where it still needs cloud access occasionally).

Yes, I’m aware of that, but I wanted to try a last check before deciding to get rid of this hardware.

I tried the method indicated in the linked post, but unsuccesfully…