Wansview ip cam

Hi there! :wave:
Is there a way to add a cheap Wansview K5 ip cam to Homey? I already tried ONVIF Camera App, but I cannot add the camera. The device supports rtsp (the Wansview app supply a link that works perfectly with VLC or browser) and local network with user and password.

Thanks in advance for the help!

If the camera provides an url, a virtual ip camera from Homey itself might just do the trick? Guess the user/pwd must be in the url then.

Thanks for your reply Edwin.
I tried with virtual ip camera directly from Homey, but the app only accepts http url. The camera App provide a rtsp url only (of course, with user/pwd/port), but it doesn’t work.

I have wansview w6 and w5 they work with onvif app homey.
If your cam is not onvif all you can do is use an external software like blue iris…

Hi mattrix, how did you set the config? Can you please share the details to add in the ONFIV config?

First activate onvif on the cam in wansview app

Uncheck security or it wont work like in screenshot

Then add the cam via the onvif homey app. Use the ip of the cam, port and your wansview username and pass


Thank you!!