iOS widget

Hi! Im wondering if there is a app that could be shown on the widget of the lock screen iOS?

For instance: I like to see the my youless power usage on the lockscreen…


I dont think so. The only widget I know and use is the Favorite flows widget…
You can make an Flow which creates an popup message on your ios device with the given values… #workaround

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Homey is very limited on widgets and other things iOS has. For my Apple Watch I tried hooking things up with Home Assistant and then use the complications feature of the HA app.
But I didn’t want to maintain HA anymore. So I let it go. I think Homey will never be that good…

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I would also welcome it if there were various Homey widgets. I don’t rule out the possibility that Homey widgets could come sooner or later.
You can forward your idea/need to Athom.

But the example you gave is very funny. You want that Homey provides you something that, as far as I know, the Youless app itself doesn’t provide. The Youless iOS app was last updated 2 years ago.

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